Football book – Update no 5: From Danny Karbassiyoon to Ryan Smith

Dear Football enthusiasts!

Here is the news: The football book traveled to Ryan Smith (UK) who works as a player consultant and played for FC Millwall, Arsenal London and Southampton FC among other clubs. Ryan gave me an interview about his impression and he gave a little hint concerning the next station of the book (but he did not reveal WHO gets it). It remains exciting!

Until I know more, I proudly present you the latest interview below… Have fun at reading:-).

Sportive regards

Lisa Blue


Lisa: What has been your first thought when Danny told you about the football book project?

Ryan: When he called me and explained it to me, I was firstly surprised because I have never heard of a concept like this before. It is a very unique experience I think to do because it is a great idea. I always wanted to tell that I enjoyed writing inside the book because it was actually a lot of memories for me. Really lovely experience.

Was it hard for you or did you have lots of ideas what you could write inside?

Yeah, I mean, with my career, of course, I had many good moments. But one or two leading up to my career, as a kid. So, a few things came to mind. And when something comes to me, I literally run with it and then other things come and then it’s snowballs. For me, I decided to talk about my career prior to become a professional. It’s more about how I actually started playing football at a professional club. So it is a story that I have a great, great memory from. Because it was a special moment for me and it was the moment my dream was realized.

Why did you decide to take part in the project?

I think the main reason for me was everything that I came with it: The concept of the book. The fact that it was unlimited in kind of you want to tell. You can tell anything. So, I mean it was a very flexible situation to be in. For me it was a combination of those things.

Who will you give it to?

I am gonna sending it to the USA. So this book is gonna going further. The next person is someone I played with in England and we both played out in Major League Soccer as well. He already accepted to take it and he is definitely happy to take part in this project. Me, too. As I said before, I love the idea. It is incredible.

Thank you very much for the interview, Ryan.

You’re welcome, Lisa.